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Web Site Maintenance

    Once you have a Web Site developed and up on the Web it must be maintained.

    If the site doesn't change and/or get updated, Web Browsers (Customers) will not continue to return to your site and the purpose of being on the Web in the first place will be defeated.

    We can provide these maintenance services for you. With the advent of scanners, digital cameras and E-mail it is easy for you to provide the material for updates to your site. But the time and knowledge to do these updates is often the most difficult aspect of having a Web Presence.

    If you have a Web Site that you started with great intentions that just never seems to get updated in a timely fashion because of time constraints, then we can do that for you.

    There are also many other aspects to Site maintenance other than content changes which are just as important which we would be happy to do as well. 

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