Our Company Mission

To provide economical Internet Services to Individuals, Small Business, Associations, Organizations and Clubs

Our Company Profile

    Northern Consulting Services is an Internet Consulting Company founded as a result of my experiences with Individual and large Corporation Websites on the Internet. What I noticed is that in smaller towns there is often fairly poor support for the Internet. The other problem is the high cost of Web Page Design for Individuals and Small Businesses. Many Individuals and smaller Businesses could benefit from having a Web presence but do not have the time or knowledge to implement their own Web Site.

    This is where I come in ... For a fraction of the cost of most Web Consulting Services I can build you an attractive and effective Web Site that will present your product and promote your business. I can also do the same for Clubs, Associations and Groups. Web Sites can be a great way to keep people informed about Sales, Special Events, Meetings Etc.

    The other great thing about Web Sites is that they can be built and maintained over the Internet with the use of E-mail, Scanners and Digital cameras.

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