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Web Site Planning

Planning a Web Site can seem like a huge task.
But with our help and a little team work.
We can make an attractive, functional and profitable site.

The steps involved are:

    Define Site objectives and goals


    Prototyping the Site

    Producing the Site

    Testing the Site

    Going live on the web

    Promoting the site

    Maintaining the Site

    I will now go into some detail about the steps involved.

  1. Objectives and Goals

    In order to figure these out you can ask yourself these questions -

    Why do we want to have a Web Site?

    Who will be our target audience?

    Who will participate in the development of the site and provide content?

    Do we need to go live by a specific date?

    How much are we willing to spend to Build and maintain the site (budget)?

    The basic strategy here is to:
    (a) figure out what the site will do and contain
    (b) find out the financial, time and technical constraints that we will have to work within.

  2. Conceptualization

        One of the best ways to come up with a concept for the site is to visit sites on the Web that are in your own industry to see what others are doing. It is also a good idea to visit large corporate sites to see what is possible. Once you are aware of what is out there and possible we can come up with the Site concept and begin making a Prototype to completely define the specifications for the Site.
  3. Prototyping

        This is where the tires hit the ground. In this step we will decide on what pages, text and graphics the Site will include and then flowchart the whole Site (sort of a Site road map). This is an important step because it will save time later when the Site is actually produced and goes live on the Web. We will make a sort of shell of the site to be approved by you.
  4. Production

        In this stage the site will be produced in it’s final form with all the pages, navigation, text and graphics. This is also the stage when the Site is optimized for fast loading of the Web.
  5. Testing

        Here the Site is put through its paces. To determine that everything works before it is set loose on the world.
  6. Going Live

        The big moment has arrived. Have a launch party. Tell your friends and business associates.

        This is also the point at which Site maintenance starts. If there is provision for Site comments they should be followed up. If the Site has E-mail addresses for information or support they need to be replied to promptly. Also if the Site has online shopping capability orders need to be filled quickly as well. After the Site has been up for a while it is important to think about changes and improvements that can be made.

  7. Promoting the Site

        Make sure you include your Web Site in all your advertising, business cards, phone book Etc. We will register the Site with all the popular Web Search Engines such as Yahoo, HotBot, Excite, Lycos Infoseek and Netscape Search. It is also important to let us know about other related Sites so we can do link exchanges with them if possible.
  8. Site Maintenance

        Although Site maintenance includes fixing any bugs that show up after going live and fixing broken links the most important aspect is updating the Site to keep it current. Things like updating weekly columns or removing old content (i.e.. sales that are over).

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